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Term & Condition




1. Definitions

“Member” means the registered ShipoutfromUSA Member, whose personal particulars and address are as registered with SOFU at the ShipoutfromUSA website.

“Merchant” refers to any online merchants which ships to a ShipoutfromUSA source country, which allows the use of an international credit card and provides the sale of non-prohibited items

“Delivery address” means your local mailing or delivery address as registered with Mail Box Martin your ShipoutfromUSA profile or such other delivery address as registered at check-out on the ShipoutfromUSA website.

“Item” means the actual physical package containing the actual content(s) being shipped or received, as the case may be, by the merchant(s).

“Shipment” means the item being shipped by sea, air or land in any combination to you, to reach you registered address.

“ShipoutfromUSA” refers to a service provided by SOFU, which includes but is not limited to, the provision of online presentment and/or payment of bills, invoices and renewal of policies on behalf of service providers, shipping and shopping services as well as other services that may be introduced from time to time. This service is accessible at the URL  http://www.ShipoutfromUSA.com.

“ShipoutfromUSA source country” refers to the country, which ShipoutfromUSA has an address, for the purposes of providing shipping and shopping services, including but not limited to the United States. The selection of ShipoutfromUSA source countries may differ according to your country.

“Service” refers to a service provided by ShipoutfromUSA which allows you to shop at any eligible online merchant’s websites, provided such merchant operates in and ships to a ShipoutfromUSA source country, and have their items consolidated or delivered to their local mailing/delivery address as registered with ShipoutfromUSA at the ShipoutfromUSA website. “ShipoutfromUSA address” refers to the address at a ShipoutfromUSA source country as provided by ShipoutfromUSA for the purpose of consolidation or the provision of the Service. ShipoutfromUSA may at its discretion change this address or add new addresses from time to time.

“You” and “Your” refers to the Member using this service.

“Consolidation” refers to the multiple shipments of items, which are combined into a consolidated shipment, and accordingly, payment of one base charge for the consolidated shipment.

“Country of Origin” refers to the country in which the Shipment originates from or which country the merchant or the E-commerce website has delivered the product to

“Destination Country” refers to the country in which the member resides or has registered his delivery address.

Title headings are inserted for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of the substantive provisions of these terms and conditions.

“PROHIBITED / DANGEROUS GOODS” please refer to Prohibited Items for the entire list of products

2. Membership Registration, Use of Website

The ShipoutfromUSA terms of use and Privacy Policy, found at terms-of-use and privacy-policy respectively, shall apply to all members and are fully incorporated herein by reference. In the event of conflict or ambiguity between the ShipoutfromUSA terms of use and privacy policy and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail. For countries which require a mandatory KYC for import, our service teams will contact the member for their address proof / KYC (Know Your Customer) so that we can comply for the import regulations of the country.

Virtual Mailbox Service.

This Service is to let the Members use the Address of the SOFU Virtual address for E-commerce package deliveries in the countries where SOFU is operating the service from.  Currently the service is available in USA / UK / UAE / INDIA.

Shipments are made to over 30 countries worldwide and the Network for each country may be different.  Please check up with the availability of the service prior to using the Mailbox.

1. Payment

1.1 You shall promptly confirm and pay any service charges as specified in the ShipoutfromUSA website which include but are not limited to the following components:
(a) Shipping Charges; (b) Duties and Taxes prevailing from time to time, if applicable; (c) Holding Fees; (d) Repacking Charges; (e) any additional shipping charges, should the item not comply with the specified guidelines for delivery in order to process the shipping of the item to you; (f) Fuel Surcharge charges levied by the carrier; and (g) any other charges, if applicable, in order to process the shipping of the item to you.

1.2 You shall promptly pay all duties and taxes, any additional charges for customs clearance and any other applicable charges imposed by any local or government authority of the destination country, before the item is delivered to your local mailing/delivery address or made available for self-collection at any self-collection point.

1.3  In the case of the payment for shipping or custom charges not cleared within 14 days of arrival at destination, there will be a Storage Fee (On a Per Day Basis) levied by ShipoutfromUSA.com which will be charge based on the Size of the Package.

1.4 Only payment via the ShipoutfromUSA website or Invoices raised by Network Partners, will be regarded as Payments received for Packages / Clearance. All payment must be made in full. ShipoutfromUSA may detain the item for which such payment has not been made in full until such time full payment is made. We also reserve the right to dispose the item in any manner we deem fit in accordance with these terms and conditions.

1.5 After arrival at the destination port, If the payments are not received  and the storage time exceeds 30 days, ShipoutfromUSA.com and its Network Partners have a right to Destroy / Dispose the package. You shall compensate us for the cost of storage of the said item, shipping charges, storage charges, duties and taxes incurred by us, and all claims, damages, fines and expenses incurred if the shipment/item is deemed prohibited, dangerous and/or illegal. We reserve the right to dispose the item in any manner we deem fit, if you fail to make payment of all charges within thirty (30) days of storage.

2. Charges

2.1 The “Shipping Charges” will cover Shipping charges of packages from Origin Mailbox to the “Registered Shipping Address of the Member”.

Shipping Charges Originating from USA will be billed in “LBS” or “Pounds”
Shipping Charges Originating from UK, India & UAE will be billed in “Kg” or “Kilograms”

All Billing will be done on Unit Bases starting from 1lbs or 1Kg.


2.2 You acknowledge that all dutiable items imported to the destination country are subject to customs duty in accordance with the prevailing local customs duties rates. These will be billed to the customer after clearance of the Package.

2.3 Customer may be levied Handling charges for Items which need Clearing assistance at the destination port. These charges will be Billed separately to the customer. overseas shipping and local delivery from the ShipoutfromUSA address to your local mailing/delivery address. Please see “rates” for more details.

2.4 We will have the right to review the shipping charges from time to time and make changes thereof without any or prior notice to you and/or to any third party. SOFU will levy shipment charges as calculated according to the actual weight or the volumetric weight (whichever is higher).

2.5 You acknowledge that all dutiable items imported to the destination country are subject to customs duty and/or excise duty in accordance with the prevailing local customs duties.

2.6 The Shipping charges are specified in the section “Shipping charges” on the ShipoutfromUSA website, as may be amended from time to time, and are based on how the item has been packed by your merchant.

2.7 Discount rate or any offer is valid only for the country for which the offer is given. No offers can be combined together and only one offer will be considered at the time of Billing. If there is no offer then Full charges will be billed.

2.8 Incase a customer wants to avail an offer then the customer needs to register for the offer by providing an Invoice copy within the said Period of the Offer.

2.9 Cosmetics, Creams, Liquids, Gels and Other such materials are classified as Dangerous goods and Airlines  normally charge a Premium rate for shipment of these categories of the products. Customs in some countries require Extra Documentation and Licenses for the Import of such products.

2.10 Edible products / Food Products also require additional documents and Licenses for Import.


3. Member’s Responsibility

3.1 You shall use the ShipoutfromUSA service subject to the following conditions: (a) you agree to abide by and comply with these terms and conditions at all times; (b) you agree to abide by and comply with the Privacy Policy as a ShipoutfromUSA member at all times; (c) you agree to submit a copy of your identification document for verification purposes if requested by us; and (d) you have provided all information we require in connection with your registration, and that accurate and complete information has been provided.

3.2 You shall ensure that items purchased from merchant’s website are not articles prohibited by the Country of Origin and/or the country of destination.

3.3 Upon your purchase of the items at the merchant website, the Invoice copy (Order Confirmation email) must be provided to ShipoutfromUSA team for Custom Clearance purpose.

3.4 Incase of shipment of Personal effects, or a Gift the Invoice or a Declaration of the True value will have to be provided. Any Mis-declaration of value could result in Penalties / Detention of Goods by the Customs Authority of your country.

3.5 You grant us the right to disclose specific information about your Membership and Transactions as required by any applicable law, direction of a statutory regulator or stock exchange or pursuant to a court order.

3.6 Upon your purchase of the item at the merchant’s website, you shall indicate as your shipping address, your ShipoutfromUSA account number and the ShipoutfromUSA address, as may be applicable. You may login to ShipoutfromUSA to view the applicable shipping address.

3.7 You acknowledge that incomplete or erroneous information provided by you or your Merchant may result in loss or delay in the delivery of your package. ShipoutfromUSA will only entertain packages received at our warehouse which are signed as a proof of delivery to the concerned Merchant.

3.8 We reserve the right to dispose of the item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to you, if we are unable to process the item within thirty (30) days of the shipment being received at the ShipoutfromUSA address, for any reason, If not claimed by the Member.

3.9 You shall pay directly to the merchant for your purchase at the merchant’s website. This includes the price of your item, handling and local domestic shipping charges and all applicable sales tax.

3.10 You shall be liable to us and indemnify and keep us indemnified at all times from and against all demands, claims, action or proceedings by whomsoever made and against all damages, costs, charges or expenses (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) incurred, suffered or sustained by us in connection with the ShipoutfromUSA service performed for you.

4. Our Responsibility

We will notify you of the amount you have to pay for shipping charges, customs clearance charges, GST or Other Service Taxes (if applicable) and any other applicable charges as referred to in clause

4.1. In providing the service, we act as an independent contractor and we are not an agent of any merchant(s) or act in any other capacity unless otherwise specifically stated.

5. Customs Regulations, Hazardous Materials, Dangerous Goods, Prohibited or Restricted Articles

5.1 It is your responsibility to enquire into and comply with Import and Export regulations of the Origin and Destination Country.

5.2 You should refer to the website set up by the government authorities of the countries of origin and destination for up-to-date information on customs duties and regulations regarding Hazardous Material, Dangerous Goods, Prohibited or Restricted Articles, and any other regulatory issue that may affect the item or shipment.

5.3 You agree that your item or shipment is deemed unacceptable if:
(a) No customs declaration is made when required by applicable customs regulations; and/or (b) it is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), any applicable governmental department or authority or other relevant organisation of the country of origin and/or the destination country.

5.4 You shall be liable for any and all loss or damage suffered by us and/or any third party as a result of a breach of this clause.

5.5 You may also check here to view a list of such unacceptable items, which are currently notified to us by the relevant authorities. This list may be amended by the relevant authorities from time to time. We are not responsible for the contents of this list and shall not be held liable for any loss or damage, which may be suffered or incurred by you as a result of any inaccuracies or omissions thereof.

5.6 You acknowledge that additional charges are applicable for re-direction of the item, made at your request, to another address other than the local mailing/delivery address provided under Your ShipoutfromUSA profile.

5.7 You acknowledge that additional charges are applicable for re-direction of the Item, made at your request, or return of the item, if the item is deemed unacceptable for import to the destination country. You will be notified of these additional charges as they become due and payable by you.

6. Delivery and Self-Pickup

6.1 An item will only be delivered to one (1) delivery Address, the self-collection point, as the case may be. Incase the Package is to be shipped in an area which is not available for Delivery by   our Partner Networks, the Member will have to arrange for a pickup from the SOFU warehouse of the membership country. It is recommended for a member to check if their address is a deliverable address prior to using services of ShipoutfromUSA.

6.2 We shall make reasonable effort to deliver the item to you within the stipulated time frame indicated on the ShipoutfromUSA website upon check-out of your packages. High security addresses or addresses in more remote locations may require a longer delivery period. There will be no deliveries on weekends and gazetted public holidays. We shall however not be liable (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any delay in effecting delivery for whatever reasons.

6.3 We will have the right to refuse delivery or make the item available for self-collection if any amount owing to us is not paid in full.

6.4 You agree that the actual/volumetric weight of your item may vary up to a maximum of 1 unit (1kg or 1lbs) and you will not hold us accountable for these discrepancies.

6.5 An item shall be delivered to the delivery address, but not necessarily to the named member personally. Shipment may be made to letterboxes in accordance with these terms and conditions, but shall not be made to PO boxes. Wherever a Signature required for Delivery is applicable, the Signature of the Percipient is Mandatory for Delivery.

6.6 An item (regardless of weight) will be shipped only after the item has arrived at the ShipoutfromUSA address. In most cases the shipment is forwarded to the Country warehouse of delivery on the date of receipt, However Last mile Delivery may be made only after you have made all payments due to us in full. (Shipping / Customs / Handling / Other charges if any).

6.7 We may, at our sole discretion, perform any of the following activities on behalf of you in order to facilitate the shipping of your item:

a) Complete any documents required under applicable laws and regulations; (b) act as your forwarding agent for customs and export control purposes and as a receiver solely for the purpose of designating a customs broker to perform customs clearance and entry; and (c) re-direct the shipment to another address upon request by you.

6.8 We will attempt to deliver the item to you by depositing it in your letterbox or leave the delivery at your front door. We do not take liability for loss and damage of Item after it has been delivered to your Address.

6.9 Once we ship the package, a Tracking number will be generated from our system from the service provider.  All Tracking can be done with on ShipoutfromUSA website of directly from the Service providers website using the tracking number which is provided.

6.10 You acknowledge and agree that the customs authorities of the destination country has the right to detain any item for whatsoever reason they deem appropriate, and that we are not liable for any consequences of such delay.

6.11 You may login into your ShipoutfromUSA account to check the delivery status of the item.

6.12 Re-packing
(a) We may, at our sole discretion, re-pack the items before shipping from the ShipoutfromUSA address to your local mailing/delivery address or the self-collection point if we consider the items suitable for re-packing, so as to reduce the total shipping charges applicable to such items. (b) in the event of such re-packing, you shall pay us a re-packing fee for each package re-packed. The relevant fees can be found on our website. (c) you acknowledge and agree that any such re-packing of items may render the return, refund or exchange (or any other similar) policy of the merchant for an item invalid, void or cancelled; and we shall not be liable to you for any loss, damage or liability which may be suffered or incurred by you as a result there of.

7. Restricted Area

7.1 There is no delivery to restricted areas.

7.2 There is no delivery to any restricted areas as defined by the country of destination.

7.3 Incase of a Restricted area in the country alternative means can be discussed with the Helpdesk of Shipoutfromusa.

8. Clearance of Items

8.1 All items imported are subject to Customs Clearance.

8.2 You acknowledge that the customs authorities will detain Dutiable Items. You will be informed of the status of the item by a letter of notification from us or from the customs authorities. The item may be released after examination by the customs authorities in the presence of you or your representative and on payment of any charges deemed appropriate by the customs authorities

8.3 You acknowledge that the import of controlled items in the shipment requires the approval from the relevant customs authority. Items requiring approval from relevant customs authority will be detained by the said customs authority. You will be notified about the procurement of an Import license from the customs authority concerned. Upon presentation of the license and payment of any charges to the relevant customs authority, the item may be released

8.4 When using the service for shipments from the USA, for any shipment or item with a value above USD2500 (two thousand and five hundred United States Dollars), please fill up the shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) form. Click here for the sample form. Please ensure that all information is correctly entered to ensure smooth delivery of the item from the United States to your destination country. Kindly print out the SED form and send the duly completed form to ShipoutfromUSA.

9. Unclaimed Deliveries

9.1 If you fail or refuse to (i) accept delivery; (ii) pay for delivery; or (iii) collect the item, or the shipment or item is deemed unacceptable for any reason, we may at our sole discretion:

a) Where appropriate, contact you to discuss and agree on an appropriate action to take; (b) use reasonable efforts to return the item to merchant at your cost; or (c) dispose the item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to you.

9.2 Subject to clause 11.1(a), if a re-direction is required, additional charges are applicable for such re-direction.

10. Shipment Return

10.1 Incase a product needs to be returned to the merchant after arrival to the Warehouse in USA, the customer will have to inform Helpdesk prior to the receipt in the US warehouse.  Return charges will be applicable for Handling the return of the package. Postage charges will be applicable if the return label is not available for a free return.  Charges will be payable in Advance immediately after the instruction is given.

10.2 All Shipments are generally shipped out on the same day of the receipt of the shipment, therefore if the product is shipped it cannot be returned to the merchant.

10.3 If the member would like to return the product after the product has reached the members delivery address in the destination country, then the member will have to pay the reverse shipping charges back to the country of Origin.  which will include Pickup charges / Reverse Shipping Charges / Duty / Handling charges may be applicable for the return of the  shipment.

11. Inspection Of Item In Shipment

We may, at our sole discretion, but are not be obliged to, open and inspect for any reason any item in the shipment.

12. Limitation Of Liability

12.1 We shall not be liable for all indirect, ancillary or consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to the loss of profits, business and anticipated savings, even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to our attention before or after acceptance of the shipment, including but not limited to our failure to perform any of our obligations hereunder as a result of circumstances outside our control including but not limited to the outbreak of war, any governmental act, explosion, accident, civil commotion, riot, industrial dispute, strike, lockout, stoppages or restraint of labour from whatever cause whether partial or general, weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of any mode of transport or other force majeure, including fire, flood or any acts of God.

12.2 On the condition that we are satisfied that your claim of loss or damage to the shipment or item or contents thereof is justified, our liability for loss of or damage to your item or its contents thereof shall be limited to the following sums:

(a) The full amount of shipping charges paid by you for the item; and
(b) 50% of the declared value of the item for which you have a justified claim. (Maximum Value USD50)

12.3 Claims are limited to total of one package (Incase it is a consolidation the entire consolidation will be treated as  one package), The settlement of the claim will only be done when we receive a loss report from all parties involved in the shipping including our Partner Networks. Maximum time for the claim Investigation is Sixty (60) Days. We will review the validity of the claim. We reserve the right to reject any claim(s) if they are not made by you within the stipulated time i.e. within One week after the Delivery.

12.4 For the avoidance of doubt, all payments made by us for the purpose of any claims of loss or damage including without limitation in accordance with this clause 14, shall be in the form of in store credit, which members can use for the purpose of future use of the services. You agree that this ShipoutfromUSA in store credit is an acceptable as full and final settlement for all claims brought by you.

12.5 Incase the Member would like to Insure a package, the Member can use a Third Party Insurance company for the Insurance of the said Parcel ID (PID). For this SOFU can provide the AWB NOs of all service providers used by its Partner Networks for the delivery of the said package.

12.6 Warsaw Convention: If the shipment or item is transported by air and involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention, if applicable, governs and in most cases limits our liability for loss or damage.

13. Loss, Damage and Delay to Shipment

We shall not in any case be liable for any loss, damage and delay of shipment arising from:

13.1 Any defect in any item in the shipment, whether or not known to us at any time before delivery to you;

13.2 Incomplete, Insufficient, or Erroneous entry of the ShipoutfromUSA address by you at the merchant’s website;

13.3 Failure by the merchant to make delivery within a reasonable time to the relevant ShipoutfromUSA Address;

13.4 Failure by any party or the merchant to provide complete and sufficient information on your shipment item to ShipoutfromUSA or make an accurate declaration for customs clearance, regulatory and delivery purposes;

13.5 Insufficient or Improper packing or addressing information of any item in the shipment by your merchant;

13.6 Improper packing of any item in the shipment after having been opened by us for verification whether at the request of any customs authority or other governmental agencies;

13.7 Insufficient or improper packing of any item in the shipment after having been re-packed by us (whether at your request or not);

13.8 Any alleged delivery from the merchant to the ShipoutfromUSA Address provided by you, where there is no proof of delivery furnished by the merchant or their delivery agent and where the receipt of the item is not signed and acknowledged at the ShipoutfromUSA Addresses;

13.9 Any loss of confidentiality in communications arising during the shipping;

13.10 Electrical or Magnetic Damage to, or erasure of electronic or photographic Images or recordings;

13.11 The hazardous, Fragile or Brittle nature or the mechanical derangement of any item in the shipment; or

13.12 Failure by you to take delivery of or collect the shipment after being notified to do so.

14. Indemnity

You shall indemnify and keep us indemnified at all times from and against all demands, claims, actions, proceedings, costs, charges and expenses including but not limited to customs charges and other regulatory penalties, storage charges, retrieval and administrative costs, duties and taxes (including reasonable costs) incurred, suffered or sustained by us in connection with the ShipoutfromUSA service performed for you, and pay us damages, costs and interest in connection with such demand, claim, action, suit or proceeding.

15. Notices and Claims

15.1 Any notices, demands or any other correspondences whatsoever shall be deemed to be communicated to you if the same is sent by email to the address provided under your ShipoutfromUSA profile, or such other address as informed to us in writing prior to the dispatching of any notices, demands or any other correspondence whatsoever. All notices or correspondence from you to us must be in writing and sent to us at the address or email specified in this clause.

15.2 All claims for loss or damage must be made within three (3) days from the date of delivery, failing which we shall have no liability whatsoever. Such claims must be made in

writing, accompanied by the original copy of the consignment note, any supporting documents, relevant invoices or receipts for that item and should be submitted to:



 +1 201 210 8222
 Mon to Fri 8am to 4pm EST or NYT
 +91 996 777 6661
Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm IST

Email: Please reach out to us via the contact form provided on biz@shipoutfromusa.com

16. Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability

16.1 These terms and conditions, the ShipoutfromUSA service, the information on this website and use of all related facilities are provided on an “as is”, “as available” basis without any warranties whether express or implied.

16.2 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, ee disclaim all representations and warranties relating to the ShipoutfromUSA website and its contents, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or course of dealing or usage of trade. Further, we do not make any representation or warranty in respect of the accuracy, completeness, availability and suitability of the ShipoutfromUSA website and its contents, or any other representation or warranty.

16.3 While we may use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this website, we make no warranties or representations as to its accuracy, timeliness or completeness.


16.5 The above exclusions and limitations apply only to the extent permitted by law. None of your statutory rights as a consumer that cannot be excluded or limited are affected.

16.6 We give no warranty as to the genuineness or authenticity of any item purchased from any merchant’s website(s).

17.Contests & Prizes

SOFU from time to time keeps various contacts & offers prizes & Gift vouchers to the winners The winner are selected by randomly by computer, and the process declares winners automatically. No disputes for any prizes / contest offers etc. will be entertained as these are purely for commercial marketing purposes. If offers are of 3rd party, SOFU will not be liable to any of the services which are promised or offered.

18. Termination of Membership of ShipoutfromUSA

18.1 We reserve the right to Terminate or Suspend our Service at any time without assigning any reason.

18.2 Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your use of the ShipoutfromUSA service if:

(a) there is abuse or misuse of the service by you; or (b) we are of the reasonable opinion that you have breached any of the terms and conditions herein contained.

18.3 We shall not be liable to you or to any other party for any damages, losses, cost or expenses howsoever caused by or arising out of such termination or suspension.

18.4 Termination of Service is in the sole discretion of the Legal and Compliance team of Shipoutfromusa.com and SOFU.

19. Termination By You

19.1 You may terminate use of the ShipoutfromUSA service by giving us at least one (1) calendar month’s prior notice in writing to our address specified in clause 17.

19.2 The Member should ensure that all packages of theirs has been received by them and all payments of all packages (Shipping, Handling, Duty) are fully paid up. If any package received thereafter after terminating the Membership ShipoutfromUSA warehouse will dispose the package at Origin and No Claims will be entertained.

19.3 Your termination of use of this service shall not release you from any liabilities or responsibilities which have accrued prior to the date of termination, including but not limited to your obligation to pay any outstanding charges.

20. Assignment and Sub-Contract

We have the right to assign or transfer or sub-contract all or part of our rights or obligations hereunder at our discretion.

21. Amendments

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. The revised terms and conditions will be posted on this website and shall take effect from the date of such posting. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of these terms and conditions.

22. Applicable Law And Jurisdiction

22.1 We may be accessed from all countries around the world where the local technology permits. As each country has differing laws, by accessing this website both we and you agree that the laws of the United States of America, without regard to the conflict of laws principles thereof, will apply to all matters relating to these terms and conditions.

22.2 We and you accept and agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Country of Origin from where the shipment is Originated from. Incase where 3rd Party services are used at the Origin.

23. Promotional Emails and SMS.

23.1 By Registering on SHIPOUTFROMUSA.COM the Member accepts that they accept ShipoutfromUSA to send them promotional offers both by Email / SMS / Whatsapp / Instagarm / Mobile App / You Tube / Facebook / Tik Tok or any other digital means in which messages could be transmitted to the user.

23.2 The user will be given the rights to reomve their credentials such as Email ID / SMS Number by Unsubscribing by informing SHIPOUTFROMUSA.COM helpdesk email ID for the removal of these credentials. This could be done by simply writing to the Helpdesk of ShipoutfromUSA.com



“You” and “Your” refers to the ShipoutfromUSA Member (whose Personal particulars and Address are registered with ShipoutfromUSA at the ShipoutfromUSA website at www.ShipoutfromUSA.com) who is desirous of using or using the Concierge Services as more particularly described below.


1.1 The CONCIERGE SHOPPING Service operates in the following manner:

Step 1: You submit a request to us for a particular product (the “product”) by providing us the following information:
URL of the Product offered by any merchant,
Other specific requests (the “requisition”).

Step 2: We will have the right, but not the obligation, to either (a) revert to your requisition with an offer on the price of the product; or (b) revert to you with a rejection of your requisition for any reason whatsoever.

Step 3: If we have reverted to you with an offer for the product, you may choose to accept our offer by paying the advised fees through the check-out process. These fees include product price, any SOFU CONCIERGE Fees, Shipping Charges and any Taxes and Duties that might become applicable.

1.2 We reserve the right not to process any of your requisitions for any products for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to (i) products from non-English websites; (ii) products from merchants that do not accept credit card payments; (iii) products that are fragile (including all products containing glass, porcelain, crystal); (iv) greeting cards, gift cards, certificate, SIM or SD cards; (v) products that require customization; or (vi) products that are only available for pre-order or back order.

1.3 Each offer made based on a requisition will set out a date in which the offer from us will lapse. We will have the right, but not the obligation, to reinstate the offer only upon written request by you for us to do so.

1.4 While we will endeavor to make prompt execution of orders, you agree that we will not be responsible for any delays. We do not accept any requests to amend or cancel orders placed using the SOFU CONCIERGE Service. All orders once placed are considered final.

1.5 No Returns, Cancellations or Refunds for any Concierge Order will be entertained once the order has been placed on the respective website, or a store pickup has been initiated for the order placed by the SOFU Member.

1.6 We reserve the right to cancel any orders for products at our sole discretion, whether before or after your purchase for any reason including but not limited to when we are unable to provide you with the product at the price indicated by us. In the event of a cancellation pursuant to this clause, We will reimburse you with the full purchase price paid. In the event of partial order cancellation, we will without notification, process with the rest of the order.

1.7 We will provide you with an estimate and take all reasonable care to provide an accurate offer based on your requisition request details. However, in the event that there are any differential amount between our offer and the price at the time of purchase, the member is liable to pay the difference.

1.8 For HIGH VALUE purchases, our Concierge Team may require a KYC (Know Your Customer) for the purchase.  These documents could include a Government issued ID card with the member’s name and address which should match the registered details on our website. A KYC could also come in the form of a valid passport copy or any deemed document which is certified by the member’s registered / residing country.

2. Charges

2.1 The charges for this SOFU CONCIERGE Service includes the following components:

I. The cost of the product converted to the currency of the destination country at the prevailing exchange rate as specified by us; Incase there is a fluctuation of more than 2% between the estimate and the actual purchase, the member is liable to pay the difference of the currency exchange rate. The Exchange Rate set by SOFU is inclusive of banking charges for transmission of funds to the country of origin.

ii. SOFU CONCIERGE Purchase Commission;

iii. Shipping charges for the shipping of items from the Merchant’s (Store) warehouse  to our SOFU warehouse in the country of Origin (Many websites do not offer free shipping, and for high value items it is recommended that we opt for Expedited Shipping with Signature mandatory on receipt) ;

iv. Local tax pertaining to the state or Origin Country is regarded as the place from where the purchase is made and product is delivered to; (For Example : USA / New York will be regarded as the State of New York.)

v. All applicable goods and services tax;

vi. Any other charges which we may notify you from time to time.

2.2 Once the package is received by us at our warehouse, we will ship the product on the same terms as mentioned above (Virtual Mailbox Service). We will notify you once the package is received at the destination country for the amount you have to pay for Shipping Charges to Destination Country, Customs Duty, handling fees (if any), delivery, goods and services taxes and any other applicable charges .

2.3 We reserve the right to review the charges from time to time

3. Payment

3.1 Only payment via the payment methods available on the SOFU CONCIERGE website will be accepted by us.

3.2 All charges must be paid in full. We may detain the product(s) for which such payment has not been made or made in full, until such a time full payment is made to our satisfaction. In the foregoing event you shall compensate ShipoutfromUSA for the cost of the storage of the said product(s). ShipoutfromUSA reserves the right to discard and/or dispose of the product(s) in any manner it deems fit, if you fail to make payment of the applicable charges within 30 days of our notification to do so.

4. Enquiries, Refund, Rebates, Exchange and Return Of Items

4.1 The product will be sold to you by USA entity SOFU, our Concierge Service only acts intermediary for service for facilitating your purchase. We act as the logistic intermediary between you and SOFU. However, with regards to any inquiries in relation to the product, please liaise directly with us.

4.2 For the avoidance of doubt, any manufacturing fault and/or product warranty issues shall be between you and the manufacturer of the product. We shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any manufacturing defect, or any resulting incidents or loss.

4.2.1 However in the event of a manufacturing fault, if we nevertheless agree to exchange the product, you will be responsible for all costs involved in shipping the product back to the sourcing country, including but not limited to the shipping charges, duties or any other taxes, all applicable goods and services tax and such other charges which we may notify you from time to time.

4.2.2 With regards to product warranty, as the products are shipped internationally, We shall not be liable in any way and shall not be not required to support you in your international warranty claims with the manufacturer of the product. However, we shall, at our sole discretion, support you in this warranty claims, upon payment of a fee as may be advised by us to you in writing, for our services.

4.3 We do not offer refunds, rebates or money-back guarantees in relation to any product, even though such offers may state on the merchant website. We do not allow for returns of the product to us unless the product is damaged in the process of delivery.


5. Shipping Policy

All SOFU CONCIERGE orders will be forwarded to the mailing/delivery address provided by you during the check-out of your order. Please refer to the above Terms and Conditions of Shipping under Virtual Mailbox Services.

6. Products

The quality of the product(s) and the accuracy of the claims are the responsibility of the manufacturer of the product(s). We do not warrant, represent or guarantee the quality of the product(s) or that the claims made by the manufacturer are accurate. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties (whether express or implied) including but not limited to, that the product(s) will meet your function and/or requirements or be fit for a particular purpose. We shall not be responsible for any loss or injury or damage incurred thereby.

7. Prohibition

7.1 You acknowledge that import of controlled items requires the approval from the relevant customs authorities or any controlling authority. Items requiring approval from the relevant controlling authority or customs authorities will be detained by the relevant customs authorities. You will be notified to obtain an import licence from the controlling authority or customs authorities concerned. Upon presentation of the licence and payment of any charges to the relevant customs authorities, the item will be released to you.

7.2 You agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times and ensure that items purchased from the merchants’ website(s) are not articles prohibited under any law in force in the destination country and the country of origin. The broad categories of prohibited items include but are not limited to explosives, poisons, flammable items, radioactive material, compressed gas, corrosive, firearms and any items which by its nature of packing may expose our employees or contractors to injury or cause damage to other items.

8. Liabilities

8.1 We shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized persons from having access to the product(s) and shall also take all reasonable precautions against loss of or damage to the same during the delivery to you.

8.2 Our liability is limited to amounts specified in the ShipoutfromUSA terms & conditions.

8.3 We shall not in any case be liable for:

i. Indirect or consequential loss or damage;

ii. Any loss or damage arising:

a. From our failure to perform any of our obligations under these terms and conditions if such failure is the result of circumstances outside our control including but not limited to the outbreak of war, any governmental act, explosion, accident, civil commotion, riot, industrial dispute, strike, lockout, stoppages or restraint of labour from whatever cause, whether partial or general, weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of any public or private road or highway or any outbreak of communicable disease or any other force majeure, fire, flood or any other Act of God;

b. From any loss of secrecy in communication arising from the use of the service;

c. From the hazardous fragile or brittle nature of the mechanical derangement of the items;

d. As a consequence of delay or confiscation by any competent authorities as a result of the discovery of prohibited items or otherwise;

e. From the quality of the product(s) that you purchased.

9. Amendments

We reserve the right to amend, vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time without notice, and the amended terms and conditions shall apply.

10. Governing Law And Jurisdiction

The laws of the Country of Origin (where the purchase is made from the Merchant/Website) shall govern these terms and conditions, and the Member shall abide.

11. Brands and Logos of Other Stores and products

ShipoutfromUSA encourages shopping of USA and European made Branded Products which are available in the Brands stand alone stores or their websites.

Several Brands sell on Popular Stores, which stores and websites are also listed on the SOFU website.

SOFU represents Brands and Logos only for information purposes to its Members. All product names. logos and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and logos used in the website are for display purposes only